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Top Reasons Virtual Therapy is Becoming More Popular

In recent years, attending therapy to improve mental health has thankfully become less and less stigmatized. That is, people are feeling more comfortable about seeking help rather than sitting in their pain and distress without professional guidance.

According to the CDC, “In 2018, about 19% of adults experienced mental illness in the past year, defined as having any mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder in the past year.” The following year, a whopping “19.2% of U.S. adults received any mental health treatment in the past 12 months” (CDC)!

Although it is being discovered that more and more people are suffering from some sort of mental illness, there is also an increased amount of people willing to seek therapy. Despite therapy is being viewed in a more positive light, many still prefer to keep their journey to mental health very private.

This is just one of the many reasons virtual therapy is becoming quite popular!


Undeniably Convenient

Previously, in order to book continuous therapy sessions, many adults had to arrange for childcare or even take a partial day off from work. Virtual therapy takes the inconvenience out of working on your mental health.

Think about it. In order to attend an online therapy session, you don’t even have to start the car! The children can play in their rooms while you have your meeting with your psychiatrist. Or, you can take an extended break from work rather than a partial day from having to sit in a waiting room.


More Privacy

Many people feel more relaxed by attending online therapy simply because it gives them so much more privacy than attending an in-person session. Although psychiatrists do all they can to make in-person sessions as private as possible, there are some aspects that are still too public for comfort.

For example, with in-person therapy, you often have to sit for an extended amount of time in a waiting area with other people who are also there for therapy. Depending on the size of the office, it’s possible for people to overhear the tones of your session through the doors or walls.

Therapy can be, and is supposed to be, a time where you work through your emotions. While there is nothing shameful about crying, many people do not like facing a room of other clients or staff members with a tear-streaked face after their session.

Online therapy allows you to get comfortable in the atmosphere of your own home. Instead of disrupting your day to drive to an unfamiliar place, you can simply log in ten minutes before your session. This also allows clients to process what they discussed in therapy more thoroughly as they don’t have to immediately face the world afterward.


Quicker Access

With the rise of individuals seeking much-needed therapy, it has become increasingly difficult to book an appointment with an in-person psychiatrist. Oftentimes, due to the nature of scheduling physical meetings, in-person psychiatrists have limited time and space to see their patients.

Rather than waiting months for a brick-and-mortar therapy office to have an opening, you are more likely to book a quicker appointment by heading online. Since online appointments can be easily accommodated and switched, there are often more time slots to choose from!


Lower Cost

It makes sense. Online therapy is typically more cost-effective than in-person therapy due to the fewer expenses online therapy is responsible for. For example, it costs quite a bit of money for in-person therapy consultations to maintain or rent a brick-and-mortar location.

Things like mortgage, rent, utilities, furniture, additional staff, and general maintenance all add up. At the end of the day, these expenses are worked into the price people pay to attend those in-person sessions. While online consultancies still have their bills to pay, they do have fewer expenses than in-person offices.


Ready? Set. Book!

Are you thinking about giving online therapy a try? If so, our experts at HOPE Psychiatric Consultants are ready to help you get started. Our process begins with a free mental health evaluation to ensure you receive the exact help you need.