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About Me


Dr. Yulanda King

Doctor of Nursing Practice | Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse

Origin Story


When I reflect on what has been the greatest motivation in my career, I would have to dedicate that title to my family and friends. Throughout the years, they have inspired me and lovingly pushed me through the tough times to pursue my dream of becoming Dr. Yulanda King. From the moment I enrolled in Jacksonville State University where I eventually earned both my Master’s and Doctorate of Nursing with a specialty in Adult-Gerontology Acute Care to my travels to the University of Texas where I earned my specialty in Psychiatric Mental-Health, my loved ones continuously reminded me of my mission. Truly, their encouragement was greatly appreciated during the times I almost gave up. I carried their care into my career, and I am now the proud founder and owner of Hope Psychiatric Consultants!


The “Hope” in Hope Psychiatric Consultants happily stands for “Handing Out Positive Energy.” I ideated and implemented this telehealth psych platform to give those in need the medical attention and listening ear they need for their mental health. One of my main goals through this telehealth psych platform is to contribute to the normalization of seeking professional help for mental illness. By offering a digital platform in which patients can discreetly meet with their doctor from the comfort of their own home, Hope Psychiatric Consultants will help improve nationwide mental health one precious mind at a time. 


Notable Credentials


From a registered nurse serving on transplant, PCU, and ICU units to a Nurse Practitioner who is a board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse (PMHNP-BC), I have served in a variety of roles that have contributed to my extensive expertise in the field of mental medicine! In addition to my specialist title as a mental health nurse, I hold titles of Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP), Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner- Board Certified (AGACNP-BC). It is my pleasure to serve all patients ranging from four to one hundred years old with mental disorders such as, but not limited to Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and all forms of Addiction. 


Mission and Vision


As many of my patients come from situations where they were often let down by others, I make it a point to always show up for my patients to the fullest capacity. In fact, I consider it my ongoing mission to always go above and beyond for each person who seeks mental health care from Hope Psychiatric Consultants. In addition to providing tangible treatments, I make it a point to create a judgment-free atmosphere in which my patients can speak their truth. After all, it’s only when patients feel safe enough to be open and honest that they can work together with a mental health care professional to get to the root of what is causing them distress.


Even in the toughest and darkest of times, I want my patients to be able to trust that they are in good hands through Hope Psychiatric Consultants. Not only will they be met with nurturing positivity, but they will also be given the tools necessary to healthily manage their mental illness. In addition, it is my goal to show my patients that they don’t have to be ashamed of requiring additional assistance in managing their mental health. Notably, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, “Mental illnesses are common in the United States. Nearly one in five U.S. adults live with a mental illness (52.9 million in 2020).” As you can see, mental illness is prominent in our society and nothing that should be taboo to seek help for.


My Promise


As my career has quickly become my passion, I can often be found researching the industry to ensure I stay updated on today’s best practices involving mental health. Even when I am away from the office, I can often be found watching medical shows! It is my ongoing promise to my patients that they will receive only the best mental health attention backed by today’s best practices. One of my favorite aspects of my career is knowing that I played a part in making a positive difference in the lives of others. Seeing the spark of happiness and hope return to someone’s eyes is one of the most fulfilling parts of what I do.


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