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Psychiatry and medication, so you can get back to being you.

Finding the right medication match makes all the difference. So we prescribe differently. Then deliver it to your door.
SOS Medication

With you. At every turn.

At Brightside you’ll always be cared for by an expert Psychiatric Care Team. This may include a Psychiatrist, a Doctor, and/or a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Your Provider stays by your side on the entire path to feeling better. From making adjustments to your personal treatment plan until it’s right, to helping decide when it’s time to taper off.

We don’t guess and check.

You won’t be prescribed one of three standard, one-size fits all medications. Instead, your Psychiatric Provider pinpoints your FDA-approved match with Brightfinder–a smarter way to prescribe, powered by more RX options, research, and your data points.




Therapy Session

We do medication differently.

Together, here’s how we make progress:

Connect with your dedicated Psychiatric Provider

To share how you’re feeling, then decide on your next best steps together.

From there, your Provider pinpoints your FDA-approved match with Brightfinder™ — a smarter way to prescribe, powered by data points and decades of research.

See your progress with Your Path™,

A science-based symptom and side-effect tracker that helps you stay in control of your care.

Your Psychiatric Provider proactively makes care recommendations based on Your Path.™ Because measurement-based care leads to better outcomes.

Stay in touch so you can feel better, faster.

Then your Psychiatric Provider can make timely adjustments to your medication until it’s exactly right.
So check in as often as you want with unlimited messaging and video visits as needed. Your Provider wants to hear from you.

Anxiety and depression are different for absolutely everybody.

But these Brightside members now have one big thing in common: Feeling better

“There is no reason to be scared to get the help that you deserve because there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel, and there is no shame in hitching a ride.”
There is HOPE


What Our Clients Say About Us.

Together, medication and therapy can help you feel like yourself, faster. And with a Psychiatric Provider and Therapist on your care team, you can feel good about starting down the most proven path to feeling better.

You can feel better, we can help.


Delivered to your door. Prescribed and guided by your dedicated Brightside Psychiatric Provider.

$45/ first month

$50 off your first month, $95/mo after that


Therapy + Medication. Comprehensive care, guided by your dedicated Brightside Care Team.

$249/ first month

$100 off your first month, $349/mo after that


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