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There’s a powerful connection between how we think, how we act, and how we feel. Your Brightside Therapist will use clinically proven approaches to help you see how they’re connected for you, then learn new habits to break this exhausting cycle.




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Evidence-based, interactive lessons help you apply what you learn, because getting back to being you takes practice.

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Anxiety and depression are different for absolutely everybody.

But these Brightside members now have one big thing in common: Feeling better

“There is no reason to be scared to get the help that you deserve because there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel, and there is no shame in hitching a ride.”


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Together, medication and therapy can help you feel like yourself, faster. And with a Psychiatric Provider and Therapist on your care team, you can feel good about starting down the most proven path to feeling better.

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Delivered to your door. Prescribed and guided by your dedicated Brightside Psychiatric Provider.

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